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Accesorios de los pisos laminados

1) Skirting

60mm Skirting 80mm Skirting 96mm Skirting

Skirting: This molding borders the laminate floor at the base of the wall to give the room a finishing look.


T-molding is useful for doorways or between flooring sections which are of the same level.

3) Stairnose

55mm Stairnose 72mm Stairnose 72mmStairnose

Stairnose: Stair-nose provides the proper transition for all the steps in your house.

4)Concava line

Concava line scotia 1

Concave line is used around the edge of the room to hide the expansion gap between laminate flooring and wall.

5)End cap

End-cap is used to join flooring and wall.

6)Carpet reducer

Carpet reducer is used to make the floor and other material join smoothly.

7)Quarter round

The rounded shape of quarter round creates a subtle blend between the floor and the wall, it is used in the same way as a skirting.


Reducer is used to create a smooth transition between two floors of different heights, and to protect the flooring.
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